No more struggling with messy paperwork!

Safe & Accessible

Securely store all your order and appointment information in the cloud and get them anywhere on any device.


In addition to a repository of starter reference information of lab tests, tubes, and other info, feel free to add your own data, just for you.

Accurate information

Know exactly when you visited each patient down to the collection details and lab drop off

Calendar View

Easy to use and navigate calendar view for all your appointments, all in one place.

Easy to use, effective, and affordable!

About Phlebnet

Finally, a cloud software specifically designed for the Solo Mobile Phlebotomist working independently.

  • Very mobile friendly
  • Store your patients and clients with their service history
  • Track clinicians that order from you and easily follow up for more business
  • Use the tools that organize your operation, like lab tests, test tubes, calendar view, and more.

Future plans to include:

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Standing orders
  • electronic invoicing
  • payment acceptance
  • directory listing
  • community forum
  • order facilitation
  • Phlebotomy resources library, and more

Packed with Features

Easy to use

Modern interface and sleek design

Easy order creation

Easy order creation with attachments.


Keep your appointments organized and on your radar even if you schedule them far in advance.  Easily reschedule appointments with a couple of clicks.

Securely Store Information

Store your patients, clients, and doctor information and keep in contact with all of them for continued business.

Affordable Price

Packed with value at a very affordable price

Device Compatibility

Looks and works great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.  With you on the go!

A Quick Peek Inside

Dashboard with Calendar View

You will stay organized and on top of all your workload.

All the details

Create your orders with all the details you need to draw and drop off at the lab.  No more looking around for pieces of paper, emails, and text messages.

Precious data

Keep all your important patient, doctor, and service data in one secure place.  Stay in contact with your clients for repeat business.

See what all the BUZZ is about!


Easy monthly subscription without any long term commitment or complicated software to install.  Works on any device.  Take advantage of our January 2021 launch Special and take 50% off the regular price for the full first year.

Free – 7 day trial

  • Secured storage of patient, doctor, and client records
  • Order creation (Maximum 10 orders during trial)
  • Upload photos or PDF copies of patient requisitions
  • 350+ repository of lab tests
  • Test tube information
  • Calendar view for appointments
  • Certification & Service area
  • Easy 3-click rescheduling
  • View patient service history
  • Collection documentation
  • Mobile friendly with click to navigation

The Solo Warrior Package

  • All the features of the Free package
  • Plus
  • All restrictions removed
  • Training videos
  • Awesome support via Email
  • Secure archives
  • Always available

Pay ONLY $19.99 per Month


The Ultimate Warrior Package

  • All the Solo Warrior features
  • Plus
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Standing Orders
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Payment acceptance
  • Email reminders
  • Text reminders
  • Directory listing
  • Order solicitation and exchange

How to register and create your first order