Shelbi Kreutzer

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    Phone Number : 4065488317


    Email Address:


    Year First Certified: 2013


    Certification Number: 1109836


    Service State & Counties: Colorado -Denver

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Luxe Labs of Colorado is a conveinent and professional Consierge lab.

we offer phlebotomy and clinic services at your home, office, garage, backyard. . . we will accomodate your needs. 

Specialize in Hard and Difficult Draws. 

Shelbi has been a phlebotomist for more then a decade. In 2021 became nationally certified and tested in the top 1% of the country !

Shes worked for the best of the best including the Mayo Clinic where she did an internship that specialized in Difficult draws. I.e Oncology and Dialysis patients. 

MD Anderson Cancer center where she was reminded her duty as a patient advocate when she was a patient recieving care during the covid pandemic

She prides herself on advocacy for her patients more then she prides herself on her outsanding skills. 


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